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2021 Outlooks

Start 2021 with an event series that will put our credit insights into context across different countries and regions.


Credit Trends 2021

Find out what market experts expect, which sectors have bounced back, which sectors will be transformed, and which will carry the deepest scars from the downturn.

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Global credit conditions will improve in 2021, aided by unprecedented fiscal and monetary policy support in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. The initial rebound will give way to a multispeed recovery, with rising debt levels of companies and governments and business transformation spurred by rapid shifts in consumer and workplace behavior.
Anne Van Praagh
Managing Director, Global Strategy & Resear
Moody's Investors Service

Global Credit Conditions

Global credit conditions will likely improve in 2021
We expect the global economy to continue its recovery from recession in 2021, but global output is unlikely to return to pre-pandemic levels until 2022. Moreover, economic activity will be uneven across countries and sectors, remaining dependent on effective pandemic management and government policy support.
Atsi Sheth
Managing Director - Credit Strategy & Standards
Moody's Investors Service

Global Macro Outlook

Nascent economic rebound takes hold globally but recovery will remain fragile.

The widespread fallout from the pandemic and the measures adopted by sovereigns to contain it have created an economic, fiscal and social shock that will last into 2021 and beyond. While weaker sovereigns will be hardest hit in the short term, we expect that sovereigns across the rating spectrum will face crisis-driven policy challenges over the medium term.
Alastair Wilson
Managing Director, Global Sovereign Risk
Moody's Investors Service

Global Sovereign Outlook 2021

Negative 2021 outlook as pandemic fallout weighs on economic activity, government finances, complicates policy choices.

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