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Global Credit Conditions

Global credit conditions will likely improve in 2021

Global credit conditions will improve in 2021, aided by unprecedented fiscal and monetary policy support in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. The initial rebound will give way to a multispeed recovery, with rising debt levels of companies and governments and business transformation spurred by rapid shifts in consumer and workplace behavior.
Anne Van Praagh
Managing Director, Global Strategy & Resear
Moody's Investors Service


Six themes that will shape credit in 2021

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Outlooks Connections Podcast Episode 1

Uneven recovery, rising debt and digital transformation will shape credit in 2021

Anne Van Praagh and Michael Taylor of the Credit Strategy & Research team discuss six key trends that will affect the credit landscape as the world deals with the coronavirus crisis. These include an uneven economic recovery, higher corporate and sovereign debt loads, and the accelerated digital transformation of major business sectors.